Patricia A TaranPatricia A Taran, LMP, LMP, CAs, CHT



blue dye drying under a dark field microscope


Bio-Synergetix proposes that the physiology of our body contains and reflects our purpose and potential and that the energy that moves our body is full of the conscious and unconscious forces of our human values as they literally move in our being. Applied Synergetix as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, utilizes the kinesiological properties of muscles to access a patient´s integral state of health.

Classical clinical diagnosis of any symptom will tell you “what you have”, for instance, you have an ulcer, pneumonia etc. A Bio-synergetix diagnosis tells you “what in your mind is sustaining what you have”.

This profile, read through a muscle monitoring technique, reveals the intimate nature of their individual make up as it expresses itself in their mind, their brain and their body via any illness or symptom they may be experiencing.

Treatment for these imbalances incorporates muscle testing and asking questions while doing so that will target the reason for the symptoms the patient is experiencing. You will find out what level this imbalance is on and much more. Ultimately a flower essence will be chosen though this muscle testing technique and given to the patient either orally or applied.

This is an experiential healing protocol and difficult to describe “simply”. Health is only possible when energy can flow without blockages which is why the most important part of this therapy is to remove those blockages and to reactivate the flow. When there is a blockage in any area of the human energy fields, this area of being loses its capacity of relating to the rest of the areas. Hence symptoms develop from here

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